Invest and Chill

Quarantine and Chill

Let's get by the qurantine days together,

with new life goals and some extra weight, perhaps.




About Invest and Chill

Do you constantly feel anxious and insecure? 

  • “What will the future look like?” 
  • “How should I pay the next bill? “
  • “What if I lost my job?”
  • “When will I move in to the dream house?”
  • “How to make money from home?”
  • “When will the inner peace eventually come?”

You are not alone. 

Imagine that you have a passive income that covers you and your family’s daily expense, your mortgage and your kids’ schooling. Imagine that you have all the time to yourself and you can decide to go on a vacation or to devote to your calling. Imagine the life when you feel secure, and most importantly, live with the inner peace.

If this is what you are looking for, then you are not alone.

We are in this journey together.

I am Sarah Hu, the founder of Invest and Chill community. Our one and the only goal is to help each other who shares the same value succeed in life. We share our learnings about life, about entrepreneur, and about investment to grow together.

I am passionate about “passive income” and believe one should not limit himself/herself to a 9 to 5 job. In fact, I have already built a successful brick and mortar business. Now I am diversifying my biggest investment – TIME. 

I am devoting more time to online business. I have just started trying different ways to generate income online, the ways like lead generation websites, YouTube channel, Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing. I will share with you my progress everyday and you could start to build similar businesses if you are interested. 

After browsing online for different business ideas, I am tired of all those “get-rich-quick scheme” and also tired of people saying “this is not a get-rich-quick scheme”. I paid tuitions to “gurus” in different niches and I have worked hard. One truth I can tell you is that you cannot get rich by simply following.

This is why I founded Invest and Chill community. 

Let us get rich by actually being down to earth. 

Let us get rich by actually building a solid business!

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