“Deceiving the Sky”? How do Chinese People Really Think of Chinese Communist Party?

Recently, I have come across this book “Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy” by Bill Gertz, and it was a really good read, especially in the current pandemic background. We are not talking about politics at a business investment blog, but a proper understanding of what is going on worldwide can help with our investment decisions.

The book covers hot and trending topics such as “China’s Cyberattacks” and “Huawei and 5G”. We may feel the topics are too massive to have an actual influence on our daily life. But when we connect the dots and put all the background info into today’s pandemic and Trump’s attitude towards China, it all starts to make sense. To me, personally, I will start to reconsider my Amazon FBA supplier strategy – can I continue to rely heavily on the suppliers in China? The future relationships between China and the world might have a big impact on our importing and exporting business.

When I read about the conclusion of the book – “Declare China an Enemy” and “Liberate the Chinese People”, I believe it is worth discussing what Chinese people really think of their government – maybe Chinese people adore their government and would not like a single change.

The following is from Hu, a citizen of China and a permanent resident in Canada, where she talked about her thoughts of the Chinese government and Chinese people in general.

There are two types of Chinese you may have encountered: one loves and supports their government, and the other wishes for the end of The Communist Party of China (CCP) every day. Yes, you may feel confused about why I use “government” and “CCP” interchangeably. That’s because, to Chinese people, the government equals to CCP.

Let’s call the government supporters “A” and call the others “B”.

Both A and B grow up in an environment where you can only hear positive news about the government and mostly negative news about foreign countries. Think about North Korea, and you can get a general idea about how the Chinese grow up. For example, they learn the quotes from the great leader Mao in schools and they need to memorize some of them by heart. They learn the history which was “designed” by CCP and in history CCP was always great and right and CCP never made any mistake. In exams, they are tested how great “The Three Gorges Dam” project is and what a great leadership the CCP has. They are told how the developed countries, especially the U.S., have and will always want to subjugate their country and slave the Chinese people.

It is not uncommon to see a typical Chinese grow up feeling negative about the capitalism countries and feeling protected by CCP and the communism.

But what divides the people to A and B?

I would say it is the combination of inherited natures, experiences, and education. Every random combination of the two traits will possibly make a person “B”. An obvious example is the “89,6.4” group in the U.S and other developed countries. They have been through the brutal killing of innocent students in Beijing in 1989, which by the way, not a lot of Chinese people know of. They lost their family and friends to a government machine which only cares about its ruling. A portion of the affected people with natures that are kind and curious escaped from China and started to tell the truth. They wanted to awake the “A”s and the western world. But do their efforts work? I doubt.

Most of the “A”s, no matter they are rich or poor, immerse themselves in WeChat, which is probably their main source of news and information. They somehow know for a fact, that WeChat is controlled by CCP. Today, try to publish something like “Apple is planning to leave China” in Moments in Wechat. The information cannot go through. Because the government does not want the people to see anything negative about China or anything shows their incompetence in ruling the country.

Even so, “A”s still read news and blogs on WeChat, either they have not experienced anything negative with the government, or they do not have the knowledge to go for more information, or they simply do not want to. Of course, you have to admit that for a regular resident in China, it takes efforts and sometimes money to visit websites like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more, because the CCP has built a huge “China Wall” on the internet.

I am not saying “B”s are better than “A”s or “A”s are better. Both A and B share a similar trait, and that trait is fear.

Even ”B”s have come to the U.S. or Canada or other “capitalism” countries, they do not dare to tell the truth, the truth that how only a few people or families in CCP master the vast majority of the wealth of China, the truth that where their money comes from and at whose expense, the truth that how many whistleblowers were captured and how many righteous lawyers who represented the minority Chinese were locked in prison, and the truth why the children in RYB Education Kindergarten were abused and why the key evidence was conveniently missing and why their parents stopped suing all at once and why RYB continues to operate.

Yes, part of the reason is that they do not have the whole truth and evidence, but mostly because they are cowards.

I, myself, am that coward B.

You may ask why and what to fear? Well, the lives of our families for starters.

If “B”s are too afraid to tell the truth because they are afraid to lose their family, can you feel a bit as to how the CCP rules the country and how “laws” mean nothing in China?

Most of the real “B”s on YouTube to spread the truth either use a mask or use a fake voice. I respect the very few who actually show their face. Keep in mind that many so-called “B”s who show their face actually work for the Chinese government. And you are right, the power of the CCP may have already spread to your government as well.

So you asked me how do Chinese people really think of their government?

“A”s choose to live in lies and believe in the CCP and accuse “B”s of being traitors. “B”s are too afraid to fight the CCP and most of them choose to say nothing and pretend to agree with “A”s. So, it appears that all Chinese like their government.

Sad, isn’t it?

I hope the above quote from Hu could help give some context when you read the book “Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy“.

Leave a comment below if you have already read the book. Share some thoughts with us about whether or not you would continue to do business with China this year and the upcoming years.

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