How My 4-Year Old Learns to Cook Eggs for His Mom – the Honest Nostalgia EC7AQ 7-Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker Review

Two weeks ago, I have bought an egg cooker on Amazon. The egg cooker has somehow changed my life!

What’s your regular routine to cook boiled eggs? Boil! Right? But with the new Egg Cooker, I was able to put in eggs (1-7 eggs) and water, and plugin and chill. After only about two minutes, the eggs are perfectly done – to your preference.

Here is how:

Not only for boild eggs. If you fancy for omelet, the Nostalgia egg cooker can also do the job for you.

Here are some benefits of the egg cooker.

With the egg cooker, you also get the measuring cup with an egg piercing tip (be careful – it is sharp), egg cooker tray, egg poacher bowl and egg white separator. Basically, you can do all the egg-related things easily with this tiny cute greenish thing.

My 4-year old son followed my instructions once and he learnt how to cook himself. (Always supervise the kids when they cook for themselves, as it involves plugin the cooker and when it is done, the cooker and eggs get super hot.)

Here comes a cute little story after he learnt how to cook eggs.

“Mom, I am hungry.” My son said to me.

“Honey, would you be able to cook for him?” I asked my husband.

“Would you like some boiled eggs?” My husband asked my son.

“Emmmmm…” said my son, “I have to cook for myself then.”

Well, I hope you and your family will enjoy this egg cooker. Leave your comments below with your experiences!

If you would like to buy the egg cooker, here is a link for it. You wouldn’t be paying a penny more for it, and I would earn a small commission from the purchase, which helps the website running. Thank you!

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